The justice system is dependent on cold, hard evidence. Investigative Solutions are the professionals called upon to ensure that both prosecuting and defense attorneys have all pertinent information, including records, documents, and witness testimony, at their disposal when making their case, whether in civil or criminal courts.

All information and evidence must advance legal theories so as to benefit their client’s case. Due to time constraints, lawyers often rely on a team of professionals to gather the information and documents needed for the case, with Investigative Solutions being an integral part of that team. Investigative Solutions performs a number of essential duties for both defense and prosecuting teams, such as asset search and witness locates, all of which require a sharp mind, solid researching skills, excellent oral and written communication skills, and astute investigative skills.

Asset search and discovery is an extremely specialized type of investigation, demanding extensive experience, access, and resources. The art of locating hidden assets is a complex and intensive process that can involve several methods of legal asset identification, such as field investigation, proprietary databases, foreign sources, surveillance, vendor records and payments, third party information, and document collection and verification. Investigative Solutions offers asset search services to corporations, individuals, personal injury attorneys, and divorce lawyers.

Investigative Solutions routinely assist law firms by locating reluctant witnesses, evasive defendants, and missing heirs in support of civil, criminal, and probate cases. We also conduct interviews, obtain statements, coordinate depositions, and service of process.

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